Our Mission

What is the purpose of Transcend Charlotte?


Transcend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote authenticity, connection, and social justice for transgender individuals and all people impacted by oppression and/or trauma.  We want to build safe, person-centered, and trauma informed space and communities that foster truth and value each person’s journey, needs, and desires.  We hope to educate individuals, groups, agencies, and communities on topics misunderstood by the majority culture as well as provide support groups, basic needs services such as our TransCloset, referral services in building a strong network with other providers, and host events to build community bonds.  We do this in hopes of reducing isolation, suicide rates, homelessness, and other poor outcomes for those struggling because of their minority status or traumatic experiences.  Transcend Charlotte is dedicated to building relationships and empathy and does not discriminate based on any identity status including but not limited to sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, age, ability, mental illness/injury, or beliefs.


To create a world where all voices are valued, where we connect based on our authentic selves and the essential humanity that binds us together and where we look to those with whom we disagree as potential teachers whose perspectives, though different from ours, are their right to hold so long as they do not use their identity, experiences, or beliefs to harm others.