Welcome to Transcend Charlotte!

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Transcend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization out of Charlotte, North Carolina created to provide services and support to transgender adults and others struggling because of their identity and/or experiences.  We do this by providing free clothing and basic needs help, support groups, workshops, safe events, mentoring, and referrals to safe and friendly providers of these and other services.  People we support include but are not limited to others on the LGBTQIAP spectrum struggling with their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, people of color, individuals facing physical or mental health challenges and/or survivors of trauma.  We are open to discussing all aspects of identity including struggles with religion and belief, but we are not affiliated with any religion or religious organization.  Transcend Charlotte seeks to “Rise Above” conflict, labels, and our differences in promoting connection, understanding, and empathy for ALL people.  We also welcome feedback from anyone who wishes to improve the inclusiveness of our website or organization or help us by taking leadership roles on issues we may be less knowledgeable about.  We are all still learning, and if you find something offensive or triggering, please let us know how we can improve.